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River Basin Control Office is the mandated government agency for integrated planning, management, rehabilitation and development of the country’s river basin. Furthermore, pursuant to E.O. 816 (s. 2006), RBCO is mandated to serve as the government’s central river basin database management agency, to which all government agencies and existing river basin organizations with relevant mandates and developmental initiatives within the river basins are required to cooperate and regularly submit their updated databases for integration and consolidation by the office using a River Basin Integrated Information Management System (RB-IIMS).

Decision making in Integrated River Basin Management relies on the timely availability of reliable information in order to access the status of resources in the basin, compare alternative solutions, monitor implementation and consequently take adequate strategic and operational decisions. Web-based RB-IIMS will facilitate consolidation from the work stations of each river basin to the national level, including generation of required outputs and reports. Also, will enable multi-user and multiple nodes encoding and/or online updating of the database, as well as retrieval and generation of outputs. It will establish a network among relevant government agencies, local government units (LGUs) and other data providers to facilitate data sharing.

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